Saturday, January 1, 2011

Halloween 2010!

During the month of October we don't stop at all. There are parties and pumpkins patches and all sorts of fun fall activities.
Here is Claire with her little friend Sofia. So adorable!

The three musketeers at the church Halloween party!
Claire really loves the movie "The Wizard of Oz". She was so exited to be Dorothy and carry Toto with her.

Leah wanted to be a Barbie Rock Star! Keep singing my rock girl!

Balloon Fiesta!

Early morning getting at the Balloon Fiesta!

Leah, Ella and Claire, so cute together.

Why can't they just look at the camera for 2 seconds?

Balloon Fiesta, takes place every year in October in Albuquerque NM. It was so cool! Hundreds of balloons will take off and travel away. There were many shapes and different colors of balloons. My girls were so happy!!!

Grandma with us. Thank you for taking us there and for all you do for us. We love you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Leah's and Claire's first day of school...

My Claire Bear is going to school. She is so happy and she loves her teacher and her little friends. She goes to school twice a week and she is doing great. She didn't even cry on her first day. What a cutie.

Leah first day of Kindergarten. I just can't believe how big you are. I have a Kindergarten child now... wow! Time goes by fast. She is doing great and she has made lots of friends. She is a little social butterfly! She is in school all day and when she comes home she is pretty tired, but somehow she is managing it.
Look at the size of her backpack it looks like she is ready for a trip, not school. She wanted a backpack with wheels, so that is what she got.

Summer moments!!!

Splash park, at Castle Hills!

Claire you are such a cutie with that swimm suite.
Happy 4th of July! Fire works time!

The whole gang, haging out!

Princess pool backyard fun...

Boat time!

We finally got to go boating. Brad had so much fun water skiing, and the girls also loved the tube. Leah didn't want to go at first, but later she gave in and loved. We went with our friends the Hofhiens and the Fowers and that made all much more fun!

Pink ladies, so adorable!

Claire got nervous when the boat went really fast, but soon she got used to.

Look at that professional water- skiing person. He looks so cool!

Leah's 5th birthday part 3

Leah's little friends.They are so cute!

Party favors that mamae made for your party. Glass slippers and candy inside the boxes.
Pinata time. We had a scary dragon that appear and we had to get him before he got us. You guys did great he no longer is a problem.

I just love my little princesses, you are my favorites...

Papai you are my shinny knight, I love you!

Leah's 5th birthday part 2

Leah and her little friends all dressed up as princesses.

Papai was a night for the day. He helped Leah's little friends become kights also. So much fun!
Freeze dance time!

All the girls got jewlery, crowns and make up from Cinderella.